Unlocking of television programs

TV access with VPN

A number of people really like watching YouTube videos. There are lots of interesting, inspiring, and simply funny, and adorable vloggers. YouTube is a great video-sharing website that is very entertaining. But it is blocked in some countries, for instance, in China. Is there a solution?

VPNs started to be widely used years ago. So far, most people use it mainly for several reasons: privacy, torrenting and TV watching.

A virtual private network makes a private tunnel over the internet to a server.VPN special encryption algorithms enable hiding the real IP address. It makes it possible to have the remote access to blocked TV or website media content.

This is a simple secret of how it works. You connect to the selected server of a simulated country. It doesn’t take much time. After it’s done, the connection is established and your real IP address changes into a virtual one. From now on, watching videos from abroad is easy and convenient. What’s more, it is safe. All the data traffic that is sent over the VPN is encrypted, so it cannot be leaked. And you won’t get caught with accessing blocked content.

To access, e.g. Netflix or Hulu you need to unblock their geo-blocking mechanisms by using one of the VPN software. Your IP address is changed and it makes them think that you are in a different location. In this way, you can get access to the full content library. Awesome. The same goes and for CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, Fox etc. You can enjoy watching them through a VPN without being blocked.

You may wonder if it is legal to use VPNs. Well, because some websites or TV channels are blocked for a reason. And bypassing the restrictions may seem like something illegal. But the answer is no. Virtual private networks are considered to be perfectly legal. As long as you use all the features and benefits not for doing something illegal on the internet, then it’s all fine.  No laws are violated. The act of web browsing via another IP address is legal. It is something that even the biggest companies of the world frequently do. If you, however, misusing VPN services to perform illegal activities, then it is certainly not fine.

To have only a positive experience, make sure your VPN provider offers: fast server work; easy setup, configuration, maintenance; ease of use; anti-malware protection. All in all, a solid balance of features, security and connectivity protocols, server location, and, of course, price. And last but not least, a VPN provider should offer their product to be available on different operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux. It will guarantee that you could use a VPN on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.