Best VPN for China

Best VPN for China

China is a very special country if we are talking about the internet. Who else has more than sixty different laws and regulations which relate to the internet? The Chinese government has created all these rules together with a ranch of organizations and companies who provide the Internet and state-owned ISPs. Unlike other countries, the government of China does not only disables access to certain web pages but also actively monitors the actions of certain individuals and what they do on the internet, which websites do they visit and what do they search for. This phenomenon got a nickname “The Great Firewall of China”. And this name speaks for itself!

The government censors the internet and over 50 000 people are employed to administer all these internet laws. It is all made for the safety of economy of the country. The government considers that the internet might have a very bad influence on people and may destroy their political system because the internet is the tool that is not easy to control and people have access to the information that may have bad consequences to the Communist Party of China. So they have tons of draft laws or amendments to laws that help the government control internet and give them the opportunity to monitor every single internet user if they need. So all internet providers should be registered, should have a license and all internet traffic they provide should go through ChinaNet, GBNet, CERNET or CSTNET so it is under control of internet police.

There are several types of information that are illegal and people are not supposed to deal with it. No creating, no replicating, no transmitting, anything. Mostly these restrictions relate to the government, the socialist system or the national unification. But also some of the laws are about terrorism, violence, and murder. You should not be involved in this even on the internet.

So many well-known and commonly used American companies like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, are not available in China. And these United States companies consider that it is much easier to not work with China at all than to be involved in a violation of the law.

If somebody breaks any prohibitions about the internet, then the punishment is very serious, up to 10 years in prison. Nobody would like to be imprisoned at all and we are talking about a whole decade here! No, thanks…

So VPN for China is the only way to get access to the internet. VPN providers make it possible to choose any location you want and use internet however you want! You are able to watch different movies, listen to music, communicate with people, all the information is available for you with the VPN.  No restrictions, no fears about being arrested, just feel free to surf the internet.

Besides the access to the World Wide Web, the VPN gives you a great opportunity to gain access to the US-only content, for example or UK-only content. These countries also have restrictions but in a very different way. People from other countries can’t watch some of their programs. But you can! Thanks to the VPN.