Downloading torrents anonymously

Torrents with VPN

Torrent is one of the most popular things on the internet. It connects people from all parts of our world. Users can easily share different content online. For example, songs, games, movies, applications, e-books, literally any file that can be downloaded. It is very convenient and fast.

If you are really into torrenting, then once in a while you may receive notices from your internet security providers (ISPs) after they monitor that you apparently violated some rights. But you know that you did nothing wrong. What’s more, downloading torrents is actually legal. So, how to torrent without being bothered? Here is the way to enjoy using this great online file-sharing resource.

Installing a VPN service is a great and effective option for keeping your torrent activity private. A virtual private network helps you to have a truly good experience of sharing files online through BitTorrent clients, like μTorrent,  Xunlei, Transmission, BitComet, qBittorrent, Vuze etc. Is it too good to be true? Let’s check it out.

There is a great number of VPN benefits for torrenting. A VPN service is a strong anonymizer, so no one has a chance to track you. It establishes a secure and safe internet connection. It is a tool that keeps no logs about web traffic, session, or metadata. Nothing leads back to you. The chances of you getting caught or spied on are little and insignificant.

VPNs use encryption algorithms to protect all the data transferred online regardless of any software. VPN servers hide your real IP address providing you with an utmost privacy. These servers are located in many areas. Most VPN providers have them in more than 100 different countries. Sounds pretty much impressive.

While traveling you may find out that certain countries are not torrent friendly. Don’t worry, a VPN can help you out. By hiding your real IP address and stimulating it for another country, a VPN service makes sure you can safely download torrent files not only from your home but also abroad.

Torrent Friendly Countries

  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Greece
  • India
  • Uruguay
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Columbia
  • Brazil
  • Philippines
  • Argentina
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Denmark
  • Singapore

It’s just the whole reputation of VPNs is built on the fact that they guarantee an anonymous online activity. All the data users send and receive is encrypted. Torrent traffic is secured. That’s why it is not too good to be true. It is, in fact, true.

VPNs are not only good anonymizers, but also ad-blockers and protectors against malware, namely viruses, worms, spam, Trojans etc. In addition, they can make the blocked torrent websites available.

We have looked into the benefits of using VPNs for torrent activity. Now, let’s have a quick word on VPN providers. Nowadays, there are many of them. That’s why you may face uncertainty while choosing the right provider.

First of all, the provider should support peer-to-peer file-sharing and have optimized servers to provide unlimited speed and bandwidth while downloading torrent files. They should guarantee a strong encryption that would prevent from throttling by your ISP or third parties. Moreover, offering a great choice of server locations and protocols is also a good sign. So basically there are just three things that should be considered: a high level of anonymity, security, and speed.