Best VPN for Youtube

Best VPN for YouTube

Youtube has been used at least ones by an every single person who had ever been sitting by a computer and surfing the internet. Funny cat videos, useful lifehacks, movie trailers, films reviews, music clips by your favorite artists and a lot more different types of videos among this biggest collection. You can find literally everything you want or need on Youtube.

A huge advantage of Youtube is that there is no need in registration to watch all those videos. Just click and enjoy! It is absolutely free as well.

But oops! What is this? Why can’t I watch this video?

Probably because this video has region restrictions and you are in banned location. Or the video might have an age limit so now it is inaccessible for persons below 18 years.

Changing your location with VPN or using the anonymous access that VPN is able to provide can keep you away from those troubles! Choose any country, any location and feel free to use Youtube. VPN also guarantees you secured and safe connection to the internet, so none of your personal information is under the risk.

Youtube is also known for monetizing videos. It actually pays real money his users if they have a certain amount of views and subscribers. And the most popular youtuber today is actually a millionaire! He became famous because of his videos and now thanks to Youtube he is in the list of most famous people in the world. And who would not like to become famous like this? For a lot of people Youtube is the only job, they earn enough money for living only by making videos and uploading them on Youtube. More views – more money!

So a lot of people are creating Youtube accounts and upload their videos to become as famous and rich as other Youtubers. But if they are located in North Korea, Syria, Pakistan or some other eastern countries, Youtube is obviously banned, and VPN is their only opportunity to log in. But even after successful account creation there are a hundred reasons why you might be banned from Youtube. If you are not careful with what videos you upload, if there is something unacceptable, your account can be restricted. The unblocking process can be really long and hard so it is much easier to create a new account. And VPN is exactly for this purpose!

Some Youtubers prefer to stay anonymous, so when they are making their videos, they do not show their faces and sometimes even change their voices! And if you have hundred thousand or millions of fans it might be a little bit hard to hide your personality. Because some people are really tiresome and an obsessed so they try to seek out information about. And this also relates to those who don’t hide their personality, but just want to isolate their personal life from their job. Some fans are really crazy and will try to find out your home address, to find your old pictures, your phone number and other really personal information. To keep yourself away from all these problems just use VPN and no information leaking! Stay anonymous and keep making videos being sure about your safety and security.