Best VPN for Twitter

Best VPN for Twitter

Nowadays Twitter is even more popular than Facebook or other social media. And this happens for a reason. Tweets are very easy to post, they require a minimum of efforts and in couple seconds your friends already know where you have been, what you have eaten, what you have been doing recently or with whom are you right now. You have only 140 symbols to impart everything you need and probably this is the reason why Twitter is not very popular in Germany!

Every famous or not really famous person uses Twitter to share his important current events, exciting experiences or unusual situations with everybody and to talk about hot topics. So Twitter is actually often used to stay on top of the latest news. Politicians, music artists, YouTubers, celebrities post millions of tweets every day, tons of new information. How could people even live without Twitter a decade ago?

But popular social media sites like Twitter might be blocked sometimes. The first and most common reason why your Twitter account is blocked is your location. Different countries have different reasons to block Twitter but nevertheless, if you are in China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates or Venezuela you do not have access to Twitter. Also, your account can be blocked in Russia if it is pro-Ukrainian or if you are posting antisemitic and racists posts while being in France or the United Kingdom you also can lose an access to your Twitter account. And even if your government doesn’t block Twitter entirely you might not be able to see some tweets if they have been granted “illegal” status in your country. While you are traveling and it happened that you visit the country that practices censorship, access to Twitter is definitely restricted.

Corporate firewalls, network restrictions, there are so many reasons why you are not able to use your Twitter account.

To bypass all these prohibitions you need a VPN! This simple solution helps you unblock Twitter. It will defeat government Twitter censorship, unblock Twitter at your college or work. All you need is to install a VPN app and Twitter will start working as it should.

Furthermore, it may be very useful if you want to connect to the internet anonymously or if you do not want your personal information to leak. VPN gives you secured and safe connection to the internet.

Also, your Twitter account can be simply banned and Twitter administration does not explain the reason for you being banned.  Just recently many users of the social network were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that their accounts, which they have been using for a long time, were banned without explanation by the administration of the resource. Their numerous questions “Why?” remained unanswered. The Twitter policy has a lot of paragraphs that do not allow you to make your tweets be offensive, violent or provocative, you cannot spam and use post illegal content. And if have broken one of those rules do not be surprised when you see your account banned.

VPN makes your internet surfing comfortable and accessible, Twitter is easier to use, no more restrictions and lots of freedom.