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Remote access from wherever you are with VPN

When you are on the go, things still can run efficiently from remote locations.

Internet users have an opportunity to enjoy a secure remote network access provided by VPNs. These services make sure you can have a quick, simple and, most importantly, protected connection while you are away from the local network. The way it works is not that much complicated.

All you have to do is to connect to a virtual private network and your device, e.g. your computer, will create a secure private tunnel to the VPN server on the remote network (over the internet or other open networks). It is just a small ‘trick’ that makes the system think that you are in a different location.

A remote-access VPN connection is enabled across the internet by a remote access client creating a dial-up connection to a local internet service provider (ISP) instead of an outsourced or corporate network access server (NAS). This remote-access server just requires user to provide valid credentials to sign in to the VPN. Thanks to the authentication, the confidentiality is guaranteed.

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