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Be on the alert – Ransomware attacks around the globe

On Friday May 12, the world faced a massive coordinated ransomware attack, also known as ‘WannaCry’ and ‘Wanna Cryptor’. Specific malware is transferred via email to Microsoft users, resulting in Windows computers being blocked with all the contents encrypted. Victims are demanded to pay hundreds of dollars to get back access to their files. So far, around 100 countries have been exposed to the cyberattack, including such institutions as FedEx, Russian Interior Ministry, numerous UK hospitals, China schools, etc. hit. According to online security researchers, many people have already given in to pay between $300-600 in bitcoins to the hackers each.

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Achieve top-notch security by empowering TOR with a VPN

No secret, the Internet space is huge nowadays. Unfortunately, alongside the unprecedented information opportunities, we face numerous dangers and even cyber-attacks. That is why being on the alert is a must for every Internet user, no matter how one secures their online activity – it can vary a lot and arises to an individual choice. Whatever technique or tool you apply, make sure your ‘security system’ uses data encryption methods and does not allow the third parties to analyze the traffic or monitor your online activity (this is what Internet providers often do).

We decided to suggest you an effective way to ensure double-layer security, based on using TOR together with a VPN. The topic is highly controversial, in fact: the debate starts from whether to use TOR with a VPN at all and finishes with questions about the ways to combine these two technologies.

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