"InstaKiss" password theft

Do not fall for this common and old attempt to steal your password.

You would receive an email, IRC or other message saying something like:

You have received an InstaKiss! Get it here!

The message would also contain the address of a web page such as this one:

Web page: "To get the InstaKiss that someone has sent to you or to send a InstaKiss to another AOL member, enter your screen name (or account name)——"

The user name and password you would submit would be mailed to the attacker.

The example above was designed to appear like a service operated by America Online. However, the URI reveals that the page was hosted by a free web space provider. With a little more effort, the attacker could have obfuscated the URI through frames, numeric IP addresses, redirections etc.

When sending sensitive information, such as passwords, over the Web, it is important to ensure that one is communicating with the correct server and that only the intended receiver can read the message. In practice, this means using the https scheme (as in https://example.com/) and carefully verifying the server certificate.

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